Thank goodness
I agree totally with the other comments -Dilmah is simply THE BEST! Thank goodness I finally woke up to the fact that I can order your teas online. I've been getting supplies of the ginger spice tea bags via telephone ordering which had disappeared from the supermarket shelves in our area, next to go was your wonderful green leaf tea and then the Earl Grey. I currently drink around 6 different sorts of tea - change is as good as a rest, they say, and as each and everyone of your products is so good, all the better.

JW, Australia
10th March 2011

Enjoying your tea for some twelve years
I have been enjoying your tea for some twelve years now, since I first found it in a local shop. I wished to let you know how very proud I am of your product, and your philosophy, and to let you know that I will continue to pray for your continued success in all your ventures as you uphold your peoples dignity, well-being, and freedom. I wish with all my heart that I could see in person some of your projects, especially the first of the Animal Tracks potteries.

You are the absolute epitome of ethics, determination and vision, and an inspiration to people everywhere. I will continue to purchase your tea, as it is my very favourite. Being from the north of England, I was used to a black tea, and very disheartened by the absence of this tea in Canada. I was delighted to find yours, and enjoy it every day.

I wish you continued success in all your future endeavours, and may you continue for many years to come.

JM, Canada
15th September 2010

latest shoutouts

Tea Quality
To all concerned in Dilmah Tea.
At 80 years of age, I have drunk my fair share of Tea. Born into a family of rural property owners, my mother taught us children to drink tea from an early age. A little milk in the cup first then the tea from a hot pot that had been prepared. Definitely NO SUGAR.
In those far off days it was ******** Tea, but in more recent years Dilmah Tea has been available. My wife & I are firm addicts of Dilmah Tea, especially that first cup of a morning.
I wanted to write & commend you all on the quality of the product, it is excellent!
I am especially impressed every time we open a new pack, to see how well it had been packed. It preserves that rich, fresh, quality aroma & then the taste that we have long come to expect.
I congratulate the Founder & all who help him to present such a quality product. Very well done

KMG, Australia
21st June 2011

Congratulations are in order...
Dear Merrill,
I'd like to thank you very much for giving us a very good tea.
I've been drinking tea since I was 18, 31yrs ago, due to the fact that I became allergic to coffee.
I have, since then, tried an abundant number of select teas until I did try yours.
I must say that you gained me. I go through between 15 and 20 cups a day and never get tired of it.
I always look forward to my cup that I always savor. So much so that I only get the huge family pack, making sure that I keep the open lot sealed from any of our humid weather conditions.

Thanx a million and I sincerely hope that you'll never disappear from the shelf.

Yours faithfully,

JM, Queensland, Australia
10th June 2011

Thank you Dilmah
While waiting for my water to boil, I placed my faithful morning mug on the counter, set aside my milk, removed its blue cap, picked up my packet of Premium Ceylon and started my routine as I regularly do.

But, as the kettle clicked I noticed something I had not seen any morning before. A little slogan at the top of your packaging. A polite message. Another friendly way you help me start my day. 'Thank you for choosing Dilmah'. Who thought it was possible to smile this early, even before that faithful first sip.

Dilmah, you help me start my every day, my tired eyes are in gratitude to your tea and my aches to the warmth it brings me these early mornings. There is no need to thank me for choosing Dilmah, it is I who should be thanking you, so thank you. Thank you for what you do and what you have done for so long.

Yours faithfully, a satisfied Dilmah customer.

10th June 2011

Thank you so much Dilmah for the sample teas ...
Thank you so much Dilmah for the sample teas ... I have thoroughly enjoyed and appreciate very much. . . The Italian Almond was beautiful and there was another that was divine, I think berry I have been telling my friends and have been trying to find in my local supermarkets ... Once again thank you and your website is awesome
Kind regards

JJ, Australia
27th May 2011

Great tea
My name is V, and I love your tea.
So, I'd like to say thank you for your products and good luck!
Sincerely yours,

30th May 2011



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