Tea & Cancer

Legend Tea & Herbs is a major supplier of tea and coffee with origins dating back to the early 20st century. It was born out of the passion for satisfaction and giving consumers of tea the best experience ever. It has a long and rich heritage that stretches for decades, which has seen it become a global brand per excellence.

We source wide range of tea from various parts of the world like China, India, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Vietnam, Indonesia etc.

Our manufacturing & packing facilities are certified by the highest hygiene & health agency in meeting the dynamic health needs of our customers worldwide.

Legend tea & Herbs selects only the finest tea leaves to produce our exceptional quality blends that have been certified by the Fair Trade foundation. Our tea tasters are responsible for buying and blending our teas to determine their suitability. Our team of buyers and blenders are acknowledged as one of the most expert in the world, with decades of experience between them.

Over the years our business has developed from ready packaged tea to the number one tea of choice in West Africa and we are rapidly taking over the world space. The Legend Tea & Herbs boasts of being one of the few companies that offers products in every sector of the tea market.

We are strongly committed to the creation of sustainable value and promoting a healthy environment. Our company support Rainforest Alliance Policy by ensuring that all our tea growers meet their responsibility to environmental & social standards.


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